Winchester Bereavement Support is a registered charity. It is a voluntary organisation, offering a confidential support service to bereaved people in Winchester and the surrounding area.

Support is given through home visits by carefully selected and trained volunteers. These volunteers are called Bereavement Visitors.

There is no charge for the service.


 WBS was established in 1982. Since then the service has grown steadily, but it has remained a local service for the people of Winchester and the surrounding area, run by local people.

A registered charity, WBS is an independent, totally voluntary organisation, with no ties to either statutory or religious bodies.


During these difficult times we continue to operate and are here to support you.
We are currently offering consultations and support by telephone.
We hope to be able to offer face-to-face support soon.

Your Bereavement

Bereavement is a very personal experience and we react to it in many different ways.
You may feel shocked, frightened, helpless, guilty, angry, depressed, lonely, lacking in confidence. You may also feel tired, nauseous, restless, and have difficulty sleeping.
 Whether your bereavement was recent or long ago, talking to someone who understands may help.
There is no substitute for talking to family and friends, but this is not always possible. If you are finding it hard to cope with your bereavement, consider talking to a Winchester Bereavement Support visitor.

 WBS visitors are people who are trained to listen.
They will visit you in your home, for as few or as many visits as you find helpful. Everything you say will be treated in strict confidence and there is no charge for these visits.

How we work

 WBS offers support to bereaved people, through home visits by trained bereavement visitors. The frequency and duration of visits is by agreement between the Client and the Bereavement Visitor.
We do not charge for our visits. Our service is free, but it depends on donations and grants from generous individuals and organisations. All such donations are welcome and greatly appreciated.
The service is provided in response to a personal telephoned request from the bereaved person. Although other people may have recommended WBS, or contacted WBS for advice, the bereaved person should make contact personally, so that we can be certain that our service will be welcome.

To make contact, please phone us on 01962 863626 or email us on

All visitors are DBS checked prior to appointment.


Donations are always welcome.

 You can donate online by Credit or Debit Card or from a CAF Charity Account by going to
Select "Donate to a Charity"
In the “Find a charity" box type "Winchester Bereavement"
Select “Search”
Select “Donate” against Winchester Bereavement Support
follow the on screen instructions which are quite clear.
(CAF - Charities Aid Foundation - is an international non-governmental organisation providing specialist financial services to charities and their supporters.)

Alternatively you can send a cheque, payable to Winchester Bereavement Support to us at:

24 St Johns North
SO23 9BD


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